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Achilles might be a good papa to the family, but he was also a killer, and he never forgives.Poke knew that, though. Bean warned her, and she knew it, but she chose Achilles for their papa anyway. Chose him and then died for it. She was like that Jesus that Helga preached about in her kitchen while they ate. She died for her people. And Achilles, he was like God. He made people pay for their sins no matter what they did.The important thing is, stay on the good side of God. That's what Helga teaches, isn't it? Stay right with God.I'll stay right with Achilles. I'll honor my papa, that's for sure, so I can stay alive until I'm old enough to go out on my own.

Achilles might be a good papa to the family, but he was also


This quote illustrates the perspective of a character who acknowledges that Achilles is both a caring father figure and a merciless killer. Despite being aware of Achilles' brutal nature and lack of forgiveness, the character consciously chooses him as their father. Drawing a parallel between Bean's loyalty to Achilles and Jesus' sacrifice for his people, the character sees Achilles as an all-powerful figure who delivers punishment for sins. They express a desire to remain on Achilles' good side in order to ensure their own survival, displaying a sense of obedience and reverence towards their chosen authority figure.

By Orson Scott Card
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