Quote by George Washington

I have beheld no day since the commencement of hostilities that I have thought her liberties in such eminent danger as at present. Friends and foes seem now to combine to pull down the goodly fabric as we have hitherto been raising at the expence of so much time, blood, and treasure; and unless the bodies politick will exert themselves to bring things back to first principles, correct abuses, and punish our internal foes, inevitable ruin must follow.

I have beheld no day since the commencement of hostilities t


In this quote, George Washington expresses his deep concern for the endangerment of the nation's liberties. He reflects on the divisive atmosphere of the hostilities and perceives both friends and foes coming together to dismantle the progress made so far in building a prosperous country. Washington emphasizes the need for political entities to unite and restore the foundational values, address malpractices, and hold accountable those who pose a threat to democracy. He warns that failing to take such action will surely lead to the unavoidable destruction of the nation.

By George Washington
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