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Let us never weary of repeating, that to think first of the disinherited and sorrowful classes; to relieve, ventilate, enlighten, and love them; to enlarge their horizon to a magnificent extent; to lavish upon them education in every shape; to set them an example of labor, and never of indolence; to lessen the weight of the individual burden by increasing the notion of the universal aim; to limit poverty without limiting wealth; to create vast fields of public and popular activity; to have, like Briareus, a hundred hands to stretch out on all sides to the crushed and the weak; to employ the collective power in the grand task of opening workshops for every arm, schools for every aptitude, and laboratories for every intellect; to increase wages, diminish toil, and balance the debit and credit--that is to say, proportion enjoyment to effort, and supply to demand; in a word, to evolve from the social machine, on behalf of those who suffer and those who are ignorant, more light and more comfort, is (and sympathetic souls must not forget it) the first of brotherly obligations, and (let egotistic hearts learn the fact) the first of political necessities.

Let us never weary of repeating, that to think first of the


This quote highlights the importance of prioritizing the underprivileged and oppressed classes in society. It advocates for providing relief, education, and opportunities to those who have been disadvantaged. It emphasizes the need to lead by example, promoting hard work and discouraging laziness. The quote also stresses the importance of reducing poverty without limiting wealth, creating diverse avenues for public engagement, and utilizing collective power to uplift the marginalized. It underscores the obligation to improve the lives of those who suffer and lack knowledge, asserting that it is not only a moral duty but also a political imperative.

By Victor Hugo
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