Quote by Kahlil Gibran

Like a procession you walk together towards your god-self.You are the way and the wayfarers.And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone.Ay, and he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone.

Like a procession you walk together towards your god-self.Yo


This quote suggests that life is a collective journey towards self-realization or connecting with one's inner spirituality. Each individual is both a guide and a follower, paving the way for others by learning from their own experiences. When someone stumbles or faces obstacles, they serve as a warning for those who follow. And even those who are more advanced may encounter setbacks without removing the obstacles for others. In essence, this quote emphasizes the interconnectedness and responsibility of individuals in supporting and guiding each other on their paths to self-discovery.

By Kahlil Gibran
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