Quote by Frances Partridge

It is a purely relative matter where one draws the plimsoll-line of condemnation, and if you find the whole of humanity falls below it you have simply made a mistake and drawn it too high. And are probably below it yourself.

It is a purely relative matter where one draws the plimsoll-


This quote suggests that the setting of moral standards and judgments is subjective and subject to personal interpretation. The "plimsoll-line of condemnation" represents the point at which one decides to criticize or condemn others. The quote highlights that if one finds fault with all of humanity, they may have set their standards too high and possibly fail to meet those standards themselves. It implies that making harsh judgments without self-reflection can be hypocritical and unfair. The quote encourages humility and prompts individuals to contemplate their own actions and shortcomings before harshly criticizing others.

By Frances Partridge
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