Harold S. Geneen Quotes

A collection of quotes by Harold S. Geneen.

Harold S. Geneen (1910-1997) was an American businessman and executive who served as the CEO and chairman of the board of ITT Corporation, a multinational conglomerate. Born in Bournemouth, England, Geneen grew up in New York City after his family immigrated to the United States.

Geneen joined ITT in 1956 as its president and transformed the company into a global powerhouse during his tenure. Under his leadership, ITT expanded its operations into various sectors, such as telecommunications, finance, healthcare, and technology. Geneen's management style was known for its decentralized decision-making structure, streamlined operations, and a focus on bottom-line results.

He gained widespread recognition for his management principles, and his book, "Managing," published in 1984, offered valuable insight into his business philosophy. Geneen believed in empowering employees and fostering a culture of collaboration and accountability. He advocated for setting ambitious targets, rewarding high performers, and maintaining clear lines of communication throughout the organization.

Despite controversy surrounding ITT's involvement in political scandals during his leadership, Geneen remained highly respected in the business world. He retired from ITT in 1977 but remained active in various business advisory roles. Harold S. Geneen's contributions to the field of business management continue to influence leaders and entrepreneurs today.