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Queer little twists go into the making of an individual. To supress them all and follow clock and calendar and creed until the individual is lost in the neutral grey of the host is to be less than true to our inheritance.... Life, that gorgeous quality of life, is not accomplished by following another man's rules. It is true we have the same hungers and same thirsts, but they are for different things and in different ways and in different seasons.... Lay down your own day, follow it to its noon, your own noon, or you will sit in an outer hall listening to the chimes but never reaching high enough to strike your own.

Queer little twists go into the making of an individual. To


This quote emphasizes the importance of embracing one's unique individuality. It suggests that conforming to societal norms and suppressing personal quirks and desires diminishes the authenticity and richness of life. Each individual possesses their own set of traits, passions, and paths to follow. By surrendering to others' rules and pursuits, one forfeits the opportunity to fully experience the beauty and fulfillment that life has to offer. The quote encourages individuals to discover and embrace their own distinct journey, rather than settling for a mundane existence dictated by others.

By Angelo Patri
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