Quote by Roger Enrico

In really good companies, you have to lead. You have to come up with big ideas and express them forcefully. I have always been encouraged -- or sometimes forced -- to confront the very natural fear of being wrong. I was constantly pushed to find out what I really thought and then to speak up. Over time, I came to see that waiting to discover which way the wind was blowing is an excellent way to learn how to be a follower.

In really good companies, you have to lead. You have to come


This quote emphasizes the importance of leadership within successful companies. It highlights the need for individuals to take initiative, come up with innovative ideas, and express them confidently. The quote also highlights the encouragement, or even pressure, to confront the fear of being wrong and voice one's thoughts. It suggests that waiting for guidance and following others can inhibit personal growth and development. By actively engaging in decision-making and expressing unique perspectives, individuals can strengthen their leadership skills and contribute to the success of the company.

By Roger Enrico
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