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Sometimes Alton Darwin would talk to me about the planet he was on before he was transported in a steel box to Athena. 'Drugs were food,' he said. 'I was in the food business. Just because people on one planet eat a certain kind of food they're hungry for, that makes them feel better after they eat it, that doesn't mean people on other planets shouldn't eat something else. On some planets I'm sure there are people who eat stones, and then feel wonderful for a little while afterwords. Then it's time to eat stones again.

Sometimes Alton Darwin would talk to me about the planet he


This quote highlights the diversity and relativity of human experiences. Alton Darwin reflects on his previous planet where he worked in the food industry. He challenges the notion that there is only one universal way of satisfying human needs and desires. Darwin suggests that what works for one group of people on one planet may not necessarily work for others on different planets. This serves as a reminder to embrace cultural and individual differences, acknowledging that what brings joy and contentment in one context might vary in another.

By Kurt Vonnegut
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