Quote by Orson Welles

I think we're a kind of desperation. We're sort of a maddening luxury. The basic and essential human is the woman, and all that we're doing is trying to brighten up the place. That's why all the birds who belong to our sex have prettier feathers -- because males have got to try and justify their existence.

I think we're a kind of desperation. We're sort of a maddeni


This quote highlights a perspective on gender roles and dynamics, suggesting that women are the fundamental beings while men strive to prove their worth. The speaker expresses the idea that men indulge in unnecessary extravagances and adornments to compensate for their perceived lesser importance in the human ecosystem. By attributing prettier feathers to female birds, the quote implies that males must constantly strive to validate their existence. Overall, the quote provides insight into societal expectations and the sometimes desperate attempts made to find meaning and justification within established gender norms.


By Orson Welles
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