Quote by William A. Dembski

Whenever explaining an event, we must choose from three competing modes of explanation. These are regularity, chance, and design... To attribute an event to design is to say that it cannot reasonably be referred to either regularity or chance.

Whenever explaining an event, we must choose from three comp


The quote highlights the three modes of explaining events: regularity, chance, and design. Regularity refers to events governed by predictable patterns, while chance suggests random occurrences. On the other hand, design refers to events that cannot be easily explained by regularity or chance alone. When we attribute an event to design, we imply that it is not reasonably explainable by either regularity or chance. This perspective acknowledges that some events may showcase purposeful intent, organization, or external intervention rather than being the result of purely predictable patterns or random chance.

By William A. Dembski
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