Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman Quotes

A collection of quotes by Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman.

Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891) was a prominent American military leader during the American Civil War. He is known for his effective military strategies and his infamous “March to the Sea” campaign.

Born in Lancaster, Ohio, Sherman attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and graduated in 1840. He initially served in the Mexican-American War and then pursued a career in banking and law before eventually returning to the military in 1861 when the Civil War began.

Sherman rose to prominence as a Union general, known for his innovative tactics and aggressive approach towards warfare. He played a crucial role in several major battles, including the First Battle of Bull Run and the Battle of Shiloh, which marked a turning point in the war.

However, it was his strategic brilliance and devastating “March to the Sea” campaign in 1864 that brought him widespread fame and recognition. As commander of the Military Division of the Mississippi, Sherman led his troops across Georgia, inflicting total war on the Confederate states by destroying infrastructure, industries, and civilian resources.

After the war, Sherman became commanding general of the U.S. Army. He played a vital role in post-war Reconstruction efforts and advocated for the rights of newly freed slaves. Sherman's military career and leadership leave a lasting imprint on American history, and he is remembered as one of the most influential Union generals of the Civil War. He passed away in 1891, leaving behind a legacy of military tactics and strategic genius.