Joseph Joubert Quotes

A collection of quotes by Joseph Joubert.

Joseph Joubert (1754-1824) was a French moralist, essayist, and philosopher. Born in Montignac in the Périgord region of France, Joubert was initially trained as a priest before leaving the seminary to pursue a career in teaching. Though he never published any works during his lifetime, Joubert's writings were highly respected among his contemporaries, including renowned writers like Chateaubriand, who referred to him as "the wisest of men who have written without having read."

Joubert's approach to writing can be characterized as personal reflections and aphorisms, often exploring moral and philosophical themes. He was deeply influenced by the works of Montaigne and Pascal, and his unpublished notebooks reveal a rich collection of thoughts and ideas. Joubert's writing style was concise and poetic, with a focus on clarity and brevity.

Despite his reluctance to publish his works, Joubert did gain recognition by sharing his ideas through correspondence with friends and literary figures of the time. His letters were appreciated for their profound insight and poetic eloquence. After his death, his friend, Chateaubriand, collected and edited Joubert's works, resulting in the posthumous publication of "Pensées, Essais et Maximes" in 1838.

Joseph Joubert remains an enigmatic figure in French literature, known for his insightful and beautifully written reflections on life, morality, and human nature. His works continue to be studied and admired for their timeless wisdom.