Maria Montessori Quotes

A collection of quotes by Maria Montessori.

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was an Italian physician, educator, and innovator, best known for her groundbreaking work in pedagogy and child development. Born in Chiaravalle, Italy, Montessori defied societal norms by pursuing higher education and becoming one of the first female physicians in Italy.

Montessori's interest in children's education was sparked through her work in clinics and schools, particularly with children who had cognitive and developmental disabilities. In 1907, she founded the first Montessori school, Casa dei Bambini (Children's House), in Rome. Her educational philosophy, now known as the Montessori Method, emphasized self-directed learning and the importance of creating an environment that fosters children's natural curiosity and independence.

The Montessori Method revolutionized education worldwide. Montessori's approach challenged traditional teaching methods by encouraging individual exploration, emphasizing hands-on learning materials, and promoting a holistic development that included intellectual, emotional, social, and physical aspects.

During her lifetime, Maria Montessori traveled extensively, wrote numerous books, and established teacher training institutes to spread her educational philosophy. Her work gained recognition and acclaim, leading to the adoption of Montessori schools worldwide. Montessori's legacy continues to impact the field of education, as her educational approach remains influential and has inspired generations of educators.