Roland Joffe Quotes

A collection of quotes by Roland Joffe.

Roland Joffé is a British film director and producer, born on November 17, 1945, in London, England. He began his career as a documentary filmmaker for the BBC and later directed several acclaimed feature films. Known for his visually stunning and thought-provoking works, Joffé has made a significant mark on the film industry.

In 1984, Joffé gained widespread recognition for his directing and producing efforts in the historical drama film, "The Killing Fields." The movie, which depicted the Cambodian genocide under the Khmer Rouge regime, received critical acclaim and won numerous awards, including three Academy Awards.

Following that success, Joffé directed "The Mission" in 1986, a powerful drama set against the backdrop of the Spanish colonization of South America. This film also garnered critical acclaim and was nominated for seven Academy Awards.

Throughout his career, Joffé has explored various themes and genres, including war, spirituality, and human relationships. Some of his other notable films include "Fat Man and Little Boy" (1989), "City of Joy" (1992), and "Vatel" (2000).

Although Joffé's later works have received mixed reviews, his early films remain highly regarded for their emotional impact and artistic merit. With his distinctive storytelling style and visually arresting cinematography, Roland Joffé has established himself as one of Britain's most accomplished filmmakers.