Terence Quotes

A collection of quotes by Terence.

Terence, also known as Publius Terentius Afer, was a Roman playwright who lived during the 2nd century BC. Born in Carthage, North Africa, he was brought to Rome as a slave. Terence's master recognized his talent and education potential, and subsequently freed him, allowing him to pursue his literary aspirations.

Terence gained renown for his comedies, which were characterized by their sophistication, wit, and incisive social commentary. Although only six of his works have survived, they had a significant influence on Roman theatrical tradition. His plays, such as "The Girl from Andros" and "The Self-Tormentor," often explored themes of love, identity, and morality, drawing inspiration from Greek New Comedy.

Known for his elegant writing style and realistic characterizations, Terence's plays offered a departure from the slapstick farces prevalent in Roman theater at the time. He introduced a more refined and intellectual approach to comedy, incorporating philosophical elements while addressing the diversity of social classes.

While Terence's life beyond his literary achievements remains elusive, his work has left a lasting impact on the Western literary tradition. His plays continue to be studied, performed, and celebrated for their timeless themes and literary artistry.