Victor Kiam Quotes

A collection of quotes by Victor Kiam.

Victor Kiam (1926-2001) was an American businessman and entrepreneur, best known for his tenure as the owner and CEO of Remington Products. Born on December 7, 1926, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Kiam began his career as a lawyer after obtaining his law degree from Boston University.

In 1979, Kiam's life took a turn when he purchased his first electric shaver from Remington Products. Delighted with the product, he wrote a letter expressing his satisfaction to the company's president. Impressed by Kiam's enthusiasm, Remington offered him a meeting and ultimately persuaded him to buy a controlling stake in the struggling company.

Under Kiam's leadership, Remington experienced a significant turnaround. He launched a series of successful advertising campaigns, most notably the famous tagline: "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company." His charismatic persona also helped to boost sales, and by the mid-1980s, Remington became one of the leading brands in the personal care industry.

Aside from Remington, Kiam was also involved in various other business ventures. He owned professional sports franchises, including the New England Patriots football team, which he acquired in 1988. Moreover, Kiam authored several books, including his autobiography "Going for It! How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur."

Victor Kiam passed away on May 27, 2001, leaving behind a legacy as a successful businessman and a well-recognized figure in the business world.