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The boys were amazed that I could make such a poem as that out of my own head, and so was I, of course, it being as much a surprise to me as it could be to anybody, for I did not know that it was in me. If any had asked me a single day before if it was in me, I should have told them frankly no, it was not.That is the way with us; we may go on half of our life not knowing such a thing is in us, when in reality it was there all the time, and all we needed was something to turn up that would call for it.

The boys were amazed that I could make such a poem as that o


This quote highlights the power of self-discovery and the hidden talents that lie within individuals. The speaker expresses surprise and amazement at their own ability to create a poem, which they never knew they possessed. It suggests that sometimes we may underestimate our own potential, not realizing that certain skills or qualities are innate within us. It reminds us that it often takes the right circumstances or opportunities to bring forth and reveal these hidden talents, which have always existed within, awaiting their moment to shine.

By Mark Twain
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