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Comparatively few people know what a million dollars actually is. To the majority it is a gaseous concept, swelling or decreasing as the occasion suggests. In the minds of politicians, perhaps more than anywhere, the notion of a million dollars has this accordion-like ability to expand or contract; if they are disposing of it, the million is a pleasing sum, reflecting warmly upon themselves; if somebody else wants it, it becomes a figure of inordinate size, not to be compassed by the rational mind.

Comparatively few people know what a million dollars actuall


This quote highlights the subjective perception of the value of money, particularly a million dollars. It suggests that many individuals have a vague understanding of what a large sum like a million dollars truly represents. The concept of a million dollars can appear malleable, expanding or diminishing depending on personal circumstances or perspectives. In the domain of politics, the notion of a million dollars can be used to serve self-interests. When politicians benefit from its disposal, a million dollars is seen as a substantial and gratifying amount. However, if someone else seeks that sum, it is often perceived as an exorbitant figure beyond rational comprehension.


By Robertson Davies
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