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Let us face at the outset how many Christians are not victorious, but defeated. Defeated by circumstances, defeated by other peoples’ natures and wrong-doings, defeated by the down-drag of the flesh, defeated by loss, by pain, by suffering, by worry. Instead of saying with confidence, “This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith”, they have to say in honesty, “This is the defeat that has been caused by the world, even our self-centeredness.” That is the opposite of faith. Unbelief is not the opposite of faith; self-centeredness is – being centered in self rather than in God.

Let us face at the outset how many Christians are not victor


This quote highlights the reality that many Christians feel defeated in their lives. They face challenges and struggles that can leave them feeling overwhelmed and powerless. Rather than relying on faith to overcome these adversities, they become trapped in self-centeredness, focusing on their own desires and needs instead of trusting in God. The quote emphasizes that the true opposite of faith is not unbelief, but rather being centered in oneself rather than in God. This self-centeredness can prevent Christians from experiencing the victory and freedom that comes from trusting in God's power and guidance.


By Samuel M. Shoemaker, Extraordina
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