Quote by Eben Alexander III M.D.

The part of my brain that was responsible for creating the world I lived and moved in and for taking the raw data that came in through my senses and fashioning it into a meaningful universe: that part of my brain was down, and out. And yet despite all of this, I had been alive, and aware, truly aware, in a universe characterized above all by love, consciousness, and reality. There was, for me, simply no arguing this fact. I knew it so completely that I ached.

The part of my brain that was responsible for creating the w


This quote expresses a profound realization of the narrator's personal experience. Despite a malfunctioning brain and the inability to perceive the world in the usual way, the person is certain that they have been living in a universe filled with love, consciousness, and reality. This understanding is so deeply felt that it brings about an emotional longing. The quote highlights the conviction that even in the absence of a functional mind, one can still perceive and comprehend fundamental aspects of existence.

By Eben Alexander III M.D.
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