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They are all parts of time, and the past and future are created species of time, which we unconsciously but wrongly transfer to the eternal essence; for we say that he was, he is, he will be, but the truth is that is alone is properly attributed to him, and that was and will be only to be spoken of becoming in time, for they are motions, but that which is immovably the same cannot become older or younger by time, nor ever did or has become, or hereafter will be, older or younger, nor is subject at all to any of those states which affect moving and sensible things and of which generation is the cause. These are the forms of time, which imitates eternity and revolves according to a law of number. Moreover, when we say that what has become is become and what becomes is becoming, and that what will become is about to become and that the non-existent is non-existent-all these are inaccurate modes of expression...

They are all parts of time, and the past and future are crea


This quote is a philosophical explanation about time, specifically how the concepts of past and future are often mistakenly attributed to the eternal essence. The quote suggests that the truth is that "is" is the only appropriate attribution to the eternal essence, while past and future are merely motions and do not affect the eternal essence. It highlights that time is a form that imitates eternity and operates according to a numerical law. The quote also criticizes inaccurate modes of expression related to concepts like what has become, what becomes, and non-existence, stating that they do not accurately represent the nature of time.


By Plato, Timaeus (Translated by Be
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