Quote by William A. Dembski

Scientists rightly resist invoking the supernatural in scientific explanations for fear of committing a god-of-the-gaps fallacy (the fallacy of using God as a stop-gap for ignorance). Yet without some restriction on the use of chance, scientists are in danger of committing a logically equivalent fallacy-one we may call the chance-of-the-gaps fallacy. Chance, like God, can become a stop-gap for ignorance.

Scientists rightly resist invoking the supernatural in scien


This quote highlights the tendency of scientists to avoid attributing phenomena to supernatural explanations, as it can be seen as an easy way out when faced with gaps in knowledge. However, the quote argues that scientists must also be cautious about simply invoking chance as a substitute for understanding. By relying solely on chance to explain the unknown, scientists could be committing a fallacy similar to the god-of-the-gaps fallacy. In both cases, the mention of god or chance can act as placeholders for ignorance and hinder the pursuit of deeper understanding.

By William A. Dembski
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