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Teaching is a sacred art. This is why the noblest druid is not the one who conjures fires and smoke but the one who brings the news and passes on the histories. The teacher, the bard, the singer of tales is a freer of men's minds and bodies, especially when he roams without allegiance to one chieftain or another. But he is also a danger to the masters if he insists upon telling the truth. The truth will inevitably cause tremors in those who cling to power without honoring justice.

Teaching is a sacred art. This is why the noblest druid is n


This quote highlights the significance of teaching as a sacred and transformative art. It draws a parallel between a druid, who spreads knowledge and wisdom through storytelling, and a teacher who possesses the power to liberate individuals intellectually and physically. While the druid's influence is revered, the quote acknowledges that this freedom poses a threat to those in positions of power who choose to ignore justice. The act of sharing the truth through education, without being swayed by allegiances, has the potential to challenge and disrupt unjust power structures.

By Kate Horsley
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