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It is in the irony of things that the theatre should be the most dangerous place for the actor. But, then, after all, the world is the worst possible place, the most corrupting place, for the human soul. And just as there is no escape from the world, which follows us into the very heart of the desert, so the actor cannot escape the theatre. And the actor who is a dreamer need not. All of us can only strive to remain uncontaminated. In the world we must be unworldly, in the theatre the actor must be untheatrical.

It is in the irony of things that the theatre should be the


This quote suggests that while the theatre may be dangerous for actors, it parallels the corrupted nature of the world. It implies that the world has the power to corrupt and negatively influence the human soul, even invading the remotest places. Similarly, the theatre holds a certain allure that artists cannot escape, especially for those who are dreamers. However, both in the world and in the theatre, individuals must strive to remain untainted and unaffected. They should aim to be unworldly amidst the worldly surroundings, and untheatrical despite being a part of the theatrical realm.


By Minnie Maddern Fiske, Mrs. Fiske
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